Tears of Mother Earth


This is my most recent painting, inspired by mother earth.

Copyright to Cramer Artistry.

18 x 24.

Acrylic paints.



Taken at: Islamorada Fish Company

Natural lighting, sunset.

Islamorada, FL

A Life Full of Love is Never Lost: A Tribute to Coral

Please take a moment to read this.

xoMandirito by Amanda Cramer

You were full of life. On your own, with others, in a sterilized hospital bed. You were always full of life. Nothing could contain the happiness that you exerted upon all those that surrounded you. No ailment could hold down your internal spark. Your charisma could be felt for miles in even the quietest, loneliest of places, and was exemplified in the social settings of any situation. I look in the mirror at myself and I see parts of you. I see you in me, your facial expressions, your features, and the way you smile, and still manage to find the good and see the good in the world even in your old age. Many individuals, once they hit their late ages, become increasingly bitter. But you always had a smile, a good story to tell, a memory to reminisce upon, and a laugh to share. You didn’t…

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Let the New (Summer) Photography Project Commence!!

This is a post that I made from my writing account, but I wanted to let you guys know of a new project that I am doing over the Summer to record my memories! 🙂

xoMandirito by Amanda Cramer

Now that I have a little more wiggle-room when it comes to time due to the Summer, I thought it would be a great chance to start a new photography project documenting the little things that I enjoy during the Summer time, hopefully recreating the subject of the photos in a way that evokes similar emotion from the person who is viewing (and if not, I guess they can just enjoy them as pretty Summer pictures!). I’ve taken a few in these past couple of days, but I feel like the editing is going to have to be held off for a little bit because with the implosion of my hard drive came the loss of a bunch of the essential programs I use. I would definitely like to share this project with you guys, though, so you can kind of get a feel for what I personally enjoy about…

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